Well my hCG arrived a few days ago and my mixing and dosing supplies should be coming today, so I'm officially in serious prep mode. I've done my online ordering for some supplements I need to be taking (things like potassium and magnesium) as well as the basics for making the transition away from starch/wheat based baking and cooking, like coconut flour and ground almond meal. That has been a total trip! I know I need to do it and am excited about it, but healthy, low carb paleo-ish baking is a whole different set of kitchen chemistry than what I have perfected as a truly competent baker throughout my married life, thus far. Different textures and cooking times, leavening options, flavor enhancements, and even some adjusting of my palate to get away from sweet, bready things and enjoy more savory dishes.

Fortunately those changes won't be enacted for a good six weeks or so. The progression I'll be undertaking, as far as I can plan at this point, is dictated by the Simeons protocol and is thus:

- Two loading days (beginning Wednesday)

- PHASE TWO - Forty days on hCG (this will include a day a week where I eat the normal VLCD foods but don't dose with hCG, to extend my time before my body becomes resistant, as well as a break for the three heaviest days of my period)

- Three days of continuing off hCG while still eating VLCD, to transition away from its' metabolic effects completely.

- PHASE THREE - This is the stabilization phase where I am eating to maintain my weight in a two pound window of my last dose weight on hCG, where I must eat no sugar or starch beyond what was allowable in phase two. This is crucial to resetting my hypothalamus and my diet will need to be at mainentnance calories and at least 50% fat. High fat, high protein. Tasty!

- PHASE FOUR - Either the break between hCG cycles, or maintenance for the rest of my life. This must be at least three weeks before starting phase two again, and each cycle of hCG phase four needs to get progressively longer. This is where I slowly reintroduce starch or sugar, one serving every few days, and watch how the scale reacts. If certain foods make me gain more than two pounds of water weight or give me other sensitivity symptoms, I need to put them on my own no-eat list. The goal of P4 is to figure out what I can maintain on and what my lifetime normal way of eating is going to be. I am intending that it be continually low starch and added sugar except for the rarest of occasions, because those foods make me sick.

The previous phases (prior to phase four) work to break food addiction and craving, chemically reset the hypothalamus and change the body's fat storage into energy conversion (that is the function of the hCG, the same thing it does for babies and mother's metabolism in pregnancy), lose abnormal fat stores quickly, then teach the body a new set point for weight (that's what phase three is all about, and why losing weight continually through it is a no-go), then teach us how to eat in a way that doesn't make us gain weight again or restart the fat storage/sugar craving cycle.

This is a bad summary of what is an extremely complex protocol that has to be followed to the letter, but it is the best I can give to a layperson ;). I've been upping my normal fat stores and transitioning to low carb for a week and I must admit that, while the scale is higher than I want right now and a part of me is itching to cut my calories before beginning the diet, the first week of the VLCD goes much more smoothly if one has been eating high fat and not restricting calories beforehand. It has to do with the normal subcutaneous fat stores not being depleted (those things are normally the first to go in a diet and the ones the body tries the hardest to regain, creating the nasty yo yo effect).

Tonight I will be buying both my high fat loading foods and then my VLCD foods, I'll load until Thursday night, and then dose with my hCG to begin my forty day cycle on Friday morning. I will report my weight and such here in the body of the blog, as my sidebar still isn't working, and try to keep faily exhaustive records of what I am doing for my own knowledge, as well as to help any of you out there who are curious what the real hCG protocol looks like.

I'm expecting to lose between 20-40 pounds in the forty days on the protocol, likely somewhere in between. Then I have six weeks of stabilizing and then transitioning in a precious few starches like beans and a crouton or three, before I plan on going back on another round of phase two through four again. That should take care of most, if not all, of my excess weight. If I need a third round round on the protocol I will probably take it before we TTC again, but it really depends on how I am feeling. That will delay my TTC until the fall of 2013, which seems like a long time to wait. Reducing so much excess fat is definitely worth it, though, and I can't do this successfully while breastfeeding and thus would have to wait until the end of 2014 to do my final round, if I didn't do it before getting pregnant again. That is not desirable to me at this time, but I will re-evaluate after each round of phases and choose whatever course of action makes sense to me and my husband at the time.

And that, in a nutshell, is the plan.

taryl | General | 13 December, 6:03pm
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Nike Pas Cher, <> / 10 June, 7:45am  

action makes sense to me and my husband at the time.

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Replica Horloges, <> / 30 December, 5:42am  

My hCG is in 2000 iU vials and I need 125 iU each day. I mixed 4 cc's of the sodium chloride water with the hCG to get 16 days of doses, before I need to make a new batch. hCG has a short shelf life and is a delicate molecule, so having just two weeks or so of solution made up at a time and kept in the fridge is ideal.

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