I was so busy with the TTap challenge uploads and clearing out my closet of stuff that didn't fit, I lost time and couldn't get pictures uploaded. I will try to rectify that now.

First with the closet clearing - I had to do an immense amount of it, as most of my clothes are simply too big now, with the exception of one pair on jeans that fits, one nicer jacket, a thermal top, a few church cardigan shells, and a dress or two. Of my day to day wear, it either all fits with lots of room, is falling off, or fits but just isn't cut well for my body. I am literally down to less than ten items and they don't go together!

I am also at the complete end of closet shopping my old clothes for ones to rotate in my wardrobe. When I hit the salvation army last time for some clothes to tide me over I got two tops that were too small but I was using as a litmus for 'arriving' at weights I wanted to be. One was a misses large that ran a bit small but was cute and trim, and the other was a boutique (juniors, essentially) medium that was a 'no matter what my brain is saying, if this top fits my figure is well within acceptable limits'.

The smaller top was still too small by about two inches across the bust, and even the arms were tight (much less so than the last time I tried it on) but the misses large top actually fit! When I purchased it the entire thing, stretch and all, was about three inches from closing. Yesterday it was fitting except for the bust gaping, which always happens with me (a shirt my literally be falling off everywhere else for the buttons around my chest to not gap when I move) and so I altered it and fixed the problem. And it fit. A little snug, perhaps, it needs another inch off my hips to fit without needing some tugging into place, but I could hardly believe it. In fact, this progress-goal top was about the only one I own that actually fit and wasn't huge. I could scarcely believe it. So I put it on for some of these weight progress pictures, as I think it shows where my losses and remaining trouble spots are far better than my too-big other tops.

The other shots I took with the pink shirt from my last progress pictures, as it still fit though is getting roomy. Excuse the wrinkles, it wasn't well folded.

Pretty good, I'd say! Especially contrasted with ten pounds ago, the difference is small but I see it in my face, at least. Here's 179 for comparison:

It's worth noting I was wearing a shapewear camisole under that top at 179, to make it lay flat. In the 169.4 pictures I am wearing nothing but a too-roomy bra. I can't believe the fit difference in a few pounds for the same item of clothing!

Shopping is a must as soon as I can, for the time being I am down to five or six tops and a handful of bottoms to tide me over. I also buckled down and remeasured myself for ordering new bras and it took forEVER.

My basic US size is a 32J right now.

My size for a sports bra was a 32GG or G, I had to order both and will see which cup fits better.

My size for my favorite polish bra company, Ewa Michalak, appears to be a 36F.

WE NEED SOME STANDARDIZATION, PEOPLE! Trying to zero in on the right sizes in different lines and cuts is definitely an art, and I have experience with it. I can't imagine how a newbie to the world of properly sized bras might feel! If I only end up having to return and exchange one of the bras ordered I will consider that a victory. And who would have thought finding smaller bras would be harder than bigger? There are a lot more 36J's, especially in sports bras, than 32J's. And yet my cup size isn't ridiculously massive or anything, and many gals have small bands and big cups. This is a really under addressed market and that needs help. For my part, the sports bras were the hardest to find, and thankfully I just need to find the right Ewa Michalak size for my newly reduce chest and ribs, and then I'm in business.

As for pants and shirts, it appears I may have mostly skipped size 16, which fit but was slightly snug at the beginning of this round and now is way too lose, and I may have also skipped a fair number of size 14's, too. I appear to be a 12-14 in most things, if I am guesstimating correctly, and will confirm that when I go clothing shopping. My thoughts are to scour the Salvation Army first, then hit Burlington Coat Factory and Kohls for some deals, and if need be check in at Old Navy or JCP to fill in wardrobe gaps. Since I am still in progress, either because I will be doing another round in two months or will be getting into maternity gear, I am trying to keep my clothing selections as flattering but frugal as possible.

As a final salvo, I have to post two face shots. One is from 200-210, I think, from right after Seth was born, when I was trying to find a foundation match for my skin. I was feeling pretty good about myself, since I was still down at least 40 pounds from my high weight. Consider that next to a face shot taken yesterday for a new avatar.

I could have stopped there, at 210, but I am glad I didn't. I wonder what another 40-50 pounds down in that series might look like. You'd better believe I fully intend to find out!

As for my weight today, down another half pound to 169.0.


Addendum: Proof my husband is awesome, here is one of the pictures for the TTap challenge, complete with procured newspaper. They requires tight workout wear and I complied, those bike shorts are a relic from my figure skating days. They fit again, though I am not 14 and haven't touched the ice in almost as long.

I wont submit to you the rest of the challenge pictures yet, but I am SO excited to see what trouble spots of mine I can obliterate through hard work with the TTap. Two months to give it my all, I'm up for the challenge!

taryl | General | 11 April, 4:56pm
Kati, <> / 18 April, 1:36am  

Holy Heavens..I am glad I checked in to your blog today. You look AMAZING sister! Wow! GO Taryl!

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babyliss, <> / 13 March, 6:37am  

I am glad I checked in to your blog today

[ Reply (0) ], <> / 10 April, 3:05am  

Great, I liked the article you wrote!

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Rolex Replica, <> / 30 December, 4:37am  

And about that new workout - it looks so easy, but is SO hard! And this was the most basic of the TTap floor routines, yet I couldn't even get my leg to move for some of the exercises. My brain was sending the signal, but the foot stayed glued to the floor.

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