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  1. Etsy orders
    1. Payment and Processing
    2. Shipping Policies
    3. Trades
    4. Refunds and Exchanges
  2. About my products
    1. What do you sell?
    2. What are your prices?
    3. I have allergies, what materials do you use?
    4. What fiber can I order for dyeing?
  3. Custom Orders
    1. What are your comission prices?
    2. What if I don't want a full half pound of yarn/fiber?
    3. Return Policy and Miscellany
    4. What will it look like?
    5. How long will it take?
    6. Great, so how do I order?

1. Etsy orders

1. Payment and Processing: 

All orders are final so please ask any questions prior to shipment of your order to ensure the best experience possible!

I use Google Checkout to process payments. You will be emailed an invoice as soon as I receive your order and once payment is processed the items will be packed and shipped to your specifications. If payment is not received within three days I reserve the right to cancel your order. Please contact me if there will be a delay in payment so your order will stay in queue.

Orders are packed the day payment is received and shipped on the next business day unless otherwise specified. Orders will be grouped, so please indicate if shipping address and billing address differ.

***GIFT WRAPPING IS AVAILABLE! For $5.00 per order I will tissue-wrap, box and gift wrap your purchase with a message of your choosing, packed securely in a priority shipped box. Send a VERY special, one of a kind handmade gift to someone you love this Christmas. Any order received before December 19th is guaranteed by Christmas

2. Shipping Policies: 

I ship via Priority Mail unless other arrangements are made. A tracking number will be mailed to you upon shipment so you can keep an eye on your package.

You may request insurance for your package and I will be happy to add that to the total order cost.

Given that you have the option to purchase insurance, if you DO NOT request insurance, I cannot be held accountable for failures of the USPS to get the items to you in perfect condition. I will pack your items as securely as possible to minimize any loss or damages.

Basic US Domestic shipping rate: $4.80 ($2.00 if shipped with another item) Shipping to Canada and Mexico: $9.95 Shipping to the UK and Australia: $11.95

I am willing to ship to other countries on a case by case basis. Please email me before paying your invoice if shipping adjustments need to be made.

3. Trades: 

I am happy to trade either an existing item or a custom colorway if requested! Please CONVO or email me before purchasing and we can discuss the details.

4. Refunds and Exchanges: 

If you are dissatisfied with your order in any way please contact me and I will try to work out a solution to the problem.

If the items are damaged or defective I will refund the cost of the item and all shipping costs incurred or fill a new order and ship it out.

Refundable errors would include:
- Felted, matted, or otherwise unworkable yarn
- Damage during shipping (if the package is insured)
- The product not being produced within the agreed upon time

I reserve the right to cancel any order I am unable to fill. Any shipping incurred will also be refunded.

All orders are will be shipped within one week unless other arrangements have been made. Communication is key - if something is wrong PLEASE let me know so I can work with you to smooth things out as quickly and painlessly as possible!

2. About my products

1. What do you sell?: 

Currently I am offering:

- Handpainted roving
- Handpainted yarn
- Custom dyeing services for protein and plant fibers (dyeing for synthetics is not available at this time).
- Custom spinning can also be requested.

2. What are your prices?: 

Prices for stock items vary depending on the fiber content, yardage/weight, and level of processing. Pricing for custom orders is detailed further down in the FAQ.

3. I have allergies, what materials do you use?: 

My products are all made in a clean, smoke free home with no cats or dogs.

The fibers I work with are protein fibers, primarily. If you have a strong allergy to any of these err on the side of caution, but if it is something like a contact sensitivity to wool you'll likely be fine if ordering a different fiber.

The most common fiber types I work with are wool (Blue Face Leicester, Merino, Wensleydale, Corridale, Coopworth, Cormo, Targhee, Shetland, CVM, and Rambouillet are the main sheep varieties to cross my dyepots and wheel), silk, and some synthetic accents like Nylon thread to help the durability of sock heels and Angelina Sparkle to add glimmer to handspuns and batts.

I exclusively use Jacquard Acid dyes for protein fibers It is washfast and lightfast with brilliant colors, and uses very mild fixative agents (citric acid or acetic acid). If you are allergic to certain dyestuffs or processing agents MSDS profiles are available from each company and I'd be happy to direct you to them.

My fibers are all scoured and rinsed in Synthrapol, which bonds with any loose dye molecules and keeps them from bleeding into the water and other areas of the fiber. I also treat my finished yarns with an industrial fabric softener to give it a nice hand. I can omit this from custom yarns or rinse it out of stock orders upon request if an allergy is indicated.

4. What fiber can I order for dyeing?: 

This is a list of the fiber I currently have available for special order from my supplier. If you have a fiber you wish to be dyed that isn't on the list I can likely acquire it, so please let me know. I cannot dye synthetics at this time.

Animal Fiber :: Alpaca :: Alpaca Blends :: Angora :: Bison :: Blue Face Leicester :: Camel :: Cashgora :: Cashmere :: Coopworth :: Corriedale :: Corriedale Pencil Roving :: Finn :: Gotland :: Guanaco (limited availability) :: Icelandic :: Herdwick :: Karakul :: Jacob :: Lincoln :: Llama :: Masham :: Merino :: Merino Blends :: Superwash Merino :: Mohair :: Norwegian :: Possum :: Qiviut (limited availability) :: Romney :: Shetland :: Swalesdale :: Targhee :: Vicuna (limited availability) :: Welsh :: Wensleydale :: Yak ::

Silk Fiber :: Bombyx and Blends :: Mulberry :: Tussah :: Silk Hankies, Caps, and Cocoons ::

3. Custom Orders

1. What are your comission prices?: 

For fiber or yarn there are two options:

1. I acquire fiber or yarn to your specifications to dye.

2. You ship me yarn or fiber, I dye it it and ship it back.

I charge a $15 per half pound flat rate for dyeing, plus shipping and handling. Included in the price to dye is up to three separate batches of swatches shipped to you in order to achieve the best match to your specifications.

Option One, I will charge you the base rate of each skein or batt plus the flat dyeing rate. For example, you want a 3 pound batt of Merino dyed. The Merino is $10 per pound, so that is $30 worth of fiber plus the $15 cost per half pound to dye. The order total would be $120 total, as the shipping would then be free.

Option Two, the initial shipping cost is on you, I will take care of additional swatching back and forth. The service is the flat $15 per half pound plus the finished product's shipping fee.

2. What if I don't want a full half pound of yarn/fiber?: 

Any amount under half a pound is still subject to the full $15 flat rate. The overhead is the same for an ounce as for the 8 ounces, which is why there is a flat rate.

If you are having me purchase the yarn or fiber that also comes in minimum amounts per half pound, but if you do not want the full amount that can be indicated in the order and I will work with you on that.

3. Return Policy and Miscellany: 

With custom orders I will make every attempt before payment and shipping to create a colorway as close to what is decided upon as possible. If the color request is very specific I am happy to dye up samples on the selected yarn and mail them to the client for physical impressions and feedback before the final dyeing as part of the service included in the price per pound. I will also email pictures of the final product before actual shipping just in case something needs adjusting or overdyeing with another shade to tweak it.

But by giving me payment you are indicating the yarn or fiber, as swatched and presented, is an acceptable result for the given request and all sales are final. Each product is singularly unique and while more of a particular colorway can be made, if there is a problem with the final product that is not a result of an error in workmanship or quality no return or refund will be made.

Refundable errors would include:
- Felted, matted, or otherwise unworkable yarn
- Damage during shipping (all packages will be insured)
- The product not being produced within the agreed upon time

I reserve the right to cancel any order I am unable to fill and will return any materials sent free of charge and in their original condition should that be the case. Any shipping incurred will also be refunded.

As each colorway is dyed to order at this time exchanges are not possible.

4. What will it look like?: 

Some examples of the dyed yarn and fiber are up in my Spinning gallery, with more to come.

There are two dye techniques I use - a direct application technique and a water bath technique.

The direct application technique is meant for vivid, blocky, specific color delineation. It is ideal for self-striping sock yarns and bold, bright colorways. It can be done with dilute, subtle colors, but they do not wander far from where they are initially applied, giving good definition to the colors and lots of control to my placement. This is generally done with fiber or yarn stretched out over plastic wrap, moistened until it is waterlogged but not seeping out everywhere. The dye is directly applied in the pattern I desire, the yarn/fiber is covered with plastic wrap and sealed into a packet. The entire setup is then gently folded and wrapped in aluminum foil to contain and protect it from direct heat but distribute it evenly. It is placed in a hot oven and when it comes out the colors have just barely softened into one another and the fiber or yarn is quite distinct and vivid. This format is best for large quantities of a colorway that needs to be very much the same.

The water bath technique is what I currently have on display and my default, preferred method just as a matter of aesthetics. This can be done in a large washer, a tub, a stock pot, or a crock pot. It is dyeing diffusely into a water bath and is the best way to get allover color. In my technique I tend to do small batches in a crock pot or pot on the stove to control the heat for dye exhausting. I just barely cover the yarn or fiber with water so the colors don't move too much and dye directly onto sections of the pot or spots of the yarn. The dye molecules float a bit, giving a gentle, diffuse color progression but don't move enough that they muddy badly. They meld just enough to melt one color into the other and combine at the edges for a rainbow effect. It can absolutely yield strong, dark colors depending on the strength and quantity of dye used, or it can just barely impart a hint of color to the fiber or yarn. It is harder to replicate and control, but the results are well worth it.

Unless a technique is specified I will pick the one likely to yield results closest to your desired final product.

5. How long will it take?: 

Well that depends on what is required. I request a minimum of two weeks for processing the fiber/yarn before shipping, as that gives adequate time for any basic physical swatching needed and proper preparation of the materials. If I need to order materials or the result needs to be very specific and requires multiple mailings of swatches to get right it could be upwards of a month, mainly due to the transit time of materials. Shipping can take anywhere from three to seven days, reasonably, so unless otherwise specified in the order correspondence each commission should be allowed three weeks from conception to arrival at your home.

If the yarn or fiber is done and payment has not been dealt with I will hold onto the yarn until the funds have processed.

Specific estimates will be given with each order. If there are any delays on my end I will communicate them promptly through telephone or email.

6. Great, so how do I order?: 

At this time custom orders are taken through email only. Please provide the following information and we will work to form a specific order from there.

1. Would you like fiber, yarn, or both? Will you be providing the item to be dyed or will I be ordering this for you?

2. If ordering fiber, what type and preparation?

3. If ordering yarn, what fiber content and weight?

4. What yardage/quantity is required for the project (please err on the high side as each batch is unique and matching the results of a past colorway is extremely difficult)?

5. Please give me a general description of the colorway you wish for me to create. Images can be quite helpful. Describe the intensity of the color, like if it is bold or pastel. Do you want it to be a softer finish, a stronger, brighter or more delineated pattern? Would you like it to be random or to stripe or dash? How much (if any) white field would you like?

Letting me know the specific purpose or application of the yarn or fiber can help me make recommendations for you. If the item is meant for heavy wear or use, for example, a delicate or difficult to wash fiber would likely not be a good match. If your are working with a very embellished or dramatic stitch or a detailed project a more busy, bright, or textured yarn might compete with that and create an undesirable effect in the final product. Likewise, if you are working with a simple pattern or object throwing in an interesting texture or loud colorway can make a wonderful statement.

6. Let me know when you need this by! While the dyeing, itself, is a fairly fast endeavor ordering supplies, swatching back and forth and the transit time for shipping all add up in terms of the time each commission actually takes. If you have a deadline please get your request to me sooner rather than later.

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