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So thanks to a crazy, somewhat last minute trip to Fairbanks, I had a ton of hat knitting to complete for me and the kids. Then I decided to finish off a tea cozy, knit up a coffee sleeve to go with it, and browsed around to stack up my future project queue a little more. My poor hands are taking some abuse among the knitting, piano, and a Wilton's cake decorating class, but it's so FUN!

And because I am the laziest blogger in the land and don't want to insert a ton of images, I'm just going to link dump from my Ravelry page, which is updated much more frequently and has details on all the projects, too.

Click me, I'm fluffy!

Click me, I'm fluffy, too!

Me three!

No wonder my hand is sore, right?

Yup, there's more!

Last one (for lunchtime, at least) ;)

I have been a productive little knitter, no? Just last night I over dyed some interesting *cough*ugly*cough* ultra bulky, slubby stuff that has been languishing in my stash for half a decade now. It's a beautiful violet-blue and I'm making it into mitten for myself tonight. I also have some Crystal Palace Merino Stripes from back in 2004/2005 that I'm turning into one, maybe two berets, and a simple shawl. It's pretty, but has a weird texture. Nice and warm, though, and suitable for these projects.

Once all this crazy stash busting is done, I will take it a step further and knit up Pembroke Shawl, from the current Interweave Knits edition, in the final leftovers of green from Callie's Alpaca Baby Blanket. It will be over dyed a gray of some sort, I'm excited :)

Be praying my hand doesn't fall off from abuse, it's worth it for the music, cake, and fluffies!

taryl | General | 12 October, 9:09pm
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