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So sorry for my extended absense, I have put the bulk of my production on hold for the summer so I can focus more on spending time with my family, exercising and losing weight. I just needed more time for me, and with such beautiful weather outside it would be a total crime to not enjoy it fully. Thus, I've been walking 3-5 miles a day with Callie on my back and Lilah in the stroller to go to the park. It's been so refreshing and renewing to be outside extensively for the first time in... wait for it... six years. YEARS!

I needed this for me and my health, and fiber arts (and indoor sedentary behaviors in general) were in direct competition for my time.

I will continue to blog and take custom orders and sales, but I won't be doing too much in the way of stock creation or promo deals like phat fiber. Watch this space for linkage to my new, separate weight loss blog. I didn't want to brain drain and post progress pictures and weigh-ins on this space, so it gets its' own home if anyone is interested.

Thanks and sorry for the extended silence! It was unintentional but very necessary. I just haven't been around a computer much lately :)

On an "awe!!!" note, Callie told me she loved me for the first time tonight! I have been waiting over a year to hear it :)

taryl | General | 17 May, 6:20am
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