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I just finished the purtiest, easiest shawl ever:

Fuzzy Shale Shawl

Yeah. I feel awesome right now. It took me somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 hours, I wasn't watching too closely. Even in ridiculously fuzzy yarn that sticks to itself like Velcro, the shawl was quite simple to complete. I also learned a new technique to go with it - Norwegian purling - which is nice and speedy compared to the continental purling I normally do. Also, Russian bind off. Didn't know that one, either. And it is GREAT. Fast and stretchy, my favorite type.

Just prior to this I completed three scarves for some friends of mine who are moving away, using up some cat-barfy but beautiful eyelash yarn I've had in my stash for seven years. I couldn't pull them off, but they will love them. Browse my Ravelry projects and check them out.

Next to cast on - Pembroke, from the newest edition of Interweave Knits. It's going to be lovely, just wait and see :)

taryl | | 6 November, 5:58am
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