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This evening, on a lark and with a need, I went ahead and switched to a heavier fabric and lighter needle to test out the recommendations of the Onions, and set about amount a tabletop slipcover for the treadle. The White has an nearly pristine cabinet and machine, which is incredible given that it is 97 years old. But I have four small children, including one who spends the school hours playing with things like his planes - he sees all flat surfaces as roadway and fair game, and his plane wheels were causing small scratches to the veneer of the table.

Thus, I measured the rough dimensions of the cabinet and whipped up a cover our of corduroy that was supposed to be a skirt but never was, and that I've scrapped pieces from several times over the last half decade. With a sharp, thin needle and heavier fabric the stitches were picture perfect. No skipped stitches or skew except what I've discovered is just characteristic of rotary machines and the way they lockstitch. The Sew Classic blog has an excellent entry on this topic and it fits my White to a tee. It stitches perfectly and evenly, it just looks a bit different than my newer oscillating hook machines.

In the album link in the previous blog entry I have documented the project, including yours truly sewing on the machine. Let's just say it looks better than I do, but I've had one of those days that you have to laugh at because it is so atrocious.

So long story short, the confirmation from a dozen or so Onions is that my machine stitches very well, and only simple adjustments in needle size and fabric type will alter the stitch formation to make it more or less straight, rather than something mechanical as I'd feared. And now the most vulnerable part of my machine is protected, too. Not a bad end to a fairly awful day.

taryl | General | 25 April, 6:41am
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