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For anyone interested there are only three days left in the Valentines Custom Colorway sale!  Place an order anytime before Sunday and get 15% off your custom colorway(s).


In other fibery news, I am swapping out the Crisp Celery colorway in Helena's Garden for Bibb Lettuce, because it's just a prettier combination.  Heritage Tomato and Aubergine will be debuting later today or early tomorrow, along with some new Kaleidoscope Series fiber as well.


I've been dyeing up a storm but formulating colorways takes time and a lot of trial and error. Progress is defintiely being made and there will be new pretties to ogle very soon, and just in time for the new Phat Fiber box for March.


The video of the new box contents has been posted and I URGE you all to check it out, it is FABULOUS.  And on the upside, Marcus (the camera guy and Jessie's husband) liked my colorway submission for the month ;)  Ah, sweet validation!





Aubergine damp


Here we have Aubergine still damp and drying.  I LOVE the way this one turned out!





Alpaca Kaleidoscope


This is one of the Kaleidoscope rovings - lovely, super soft baby alpaca dyed in sunset tones (and still without a name).  Notice the splotchy turquoise all over the place - this is what happens when your roving is not wrapped well enough.  Dye seeps out when it begins steaming and gets trapped in the layers of plastic wrap, so when you open it up there is unreacted dye all over the place, fingers included, and if you're not SUPER careful it can stain already-dyed sections of roving.





Celery turned lettuce


This was originally supposed to be Crisp Celery, but the colors turned out more brilliant than I'd intended, and I decided it looked exactly like Bibb Lettuce, so the colorway has been renamed in appropriate Garden fashion ;)  This is sopping wet in-between rinses right now, the end color will be a bit lighter as it dries, and less yellow (crappy bathroom lighting).





Heritage Tomato wet


This is my favorite colorway of the run - Heritage Tomato - fresh out of the dyebath.  It dried beautifully, though the green was less olive than I wanted, and more hunter.  I may still change that, I haven't decided.  The hunter green livens it up quite a bit whereas it might become too drab with a true olive, so I am up in the air on this one.  Either way, a 4 oz. and 2 oz. portion of this colorway will be up in the shop shortly.





More colors coming as I make them, but it's a good five hours of solid work for each new colorway, and I have small kiddos who constantly need my hands available, so it's been an uphill battle to formulate these.  But once the actual colors have been worked up, even making new dyestock is a fairly simple matter of following the recipe.  I have PLENTY of all these shades left for more fiber in these colorways, but since I am a little short of undyed roving right now I decided to hold onto the dyestock and use the roving I have left to get as many colorways out there as possible, rather than multiple hanks of the same few colorways.  But they are readily available (with the exception of the alpaca Kaleidoscope coloway, as it is one of a kind.)


Back to the saltmines for me!

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