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Aubergine, Rhubarb Superwash, Bubblegum, Fall Glitz,  Aubergine Superwash


Here is what I am dashing to add to the shop over the next hour - We have two Aubergines on very different wools (Corriedale Cross and Superwash Merino, they take dye extremely different despite the original colors being from the same dyelot), Rhubarb Superwash Merino, Fall Glitz Corriedale Cross, and Bubblegum Corriedale Cross.


The two Kaleidoscope Rovings, Fall Glitz and Bubblegum, turned out amazingly lovely.  Very complex and fun.  This was also my first batch using Superwash, besides the Phat Fiber Samples for April, and I was quite surprised to find out that the treatment used for Superwash causes the yarn to take dye very differently when used on roving (the differences on yarn seem to be quite slight).  The strike was extremely fast - the moment the dye hit the fiber - and resulted in sections of more intense color than the normal strike, along with a lot more blotchy white.  Interestingly it should spin up to look about the same as any other fiber in that colorway, as the white will reblend with the darker patches and give a soft, heathery look, but it was quite an experiment and unexpected given that the dye used was the exact same, just on different treatments of wool.


The Rhubarb and Aubergine Superwash is the same as what went out in the Phat Fiber Sampler, so if you like these colorways be sure to snatch up full sizes.  I will also be offering other Helena's Garden colorways in Superwash as well.



Anyway, that was the quirky dye experiment for the week :)  If I am doing a custom colorway for Superwash Roving I will have to remember the strike differences and compensate the DOS accordingly, which is very good to know.

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