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Hello everyone, it's been quite awhile since I have posted here (as opposed to my weight loss blog, which is bumper as always). I have MISSED all things fibery, though my update for you is pitiful indeed.

I decided to relist the shop items I have yet to sell, just to see if there is any interest. I still think the colorways are beautiful and hope they will find a good home sometime soon.

I also have been contemplating and mulling over what I will do with my fiber business, and have come to some conclusions after half a year's break. First off, I still LOVE dyeing and spinning, and will continue to do it in limited fashion, if only for personal enjoyment. I am also absolutely planning on continuing this as a career down the road, if/when time and space allows. I have come to the conclusion that to do this with the gusto it deserves will require a good 6 hour block of time each day, as well as a shop separate from the main house. These are not things I am able to acquire right now, so a continued break makes sense.

I have also decided that I will probably sell my yarn mostly locally, as it is a better market with a bit less competition than online retail sales, which seems to require constant attentive undercutting to make the sale. I love my online customers and will probably list goods on Etsy, but I don't think I will make that the bulk of my operation. Custom orders are still welcome, but I do believe I will eventually shift my focus to physical storefronts instead of virtual, given that there is a very steady yarn market up here, with a great tourist boom each year.

Life is still going well for me and the family - the girls are getting SO big, with Callie almost three and counting, using her imagination, and drawing very well. Lilah is now walking, though her language skills are a bit inarticulate (she makes up for it with volume, though!). Peter, my husband, is even busier with personal projects and is now gone from home far longer than he was last year, this has contributed to my decision on continuing the status quo in terms of yarn production. We're all doing amazingly well, busy and happy with all the beautiful little things in life.

I have some personal fibery updates I will be posting soon, mostly little knitting projects and some great Christmas presents I received, and my goals for 2010 include working on my personal spinning and knitting a bit more, along with continuing to lose weight and now, happily, trying to conceive our next child.

I'm doing just great, and hope you are as well. Take care!

taryl | General | 29 December, 1:55am
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