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I've blogged about Phat Fiber before, but now the incomparable Jessie is blogging about me!


I'm totally thrilled and beyond flattered at the feedback about my humble little shop here, and I do hope the phatties take advantage of the special coupon offer I've extended through Phat Fiber, even if they do not get a box.  I am also thrilled beyond belief to do any custom colorway and would love to take some of the sweet-as-pie commenters up on their desired colorways.


Either way, it was a great ego boost for the day and I am so happy getting feedback on what people like, so I know what to make more of.  For all those visiting this site for the first time, WELCOME and please stay awhile ;)




In other news, this has been *quite* a busy week and thus my posting of new items has been put off longer than I'd like, but rest assured new roving will be posted within the next few hours.  I also have some lovely pictures of a custom order I just finished, in Organic Australian Merino Yarn (aran weight) and it was STUNNING!  I will be reproducing the colorway for the shop, I think, because it turned out so nicely.  Let me know what you think, a skein will be completed for the general shop in the next few days.


October Yarn:

October - custom yarn for wool longies


October yarn unskeined


Have a great day everyone, and keep an eye out for the new colorways!

taryl | General | 22 April, 6:25pm
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