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A bunch of new rovings are up and my current addition will be some duplicates of the same colorways to use up leftover dye, before I can formulate any more additions.  I will be adding a seperate gallery for Helena's Garden, I think, within the next few weeks, and they will eventually get their own order page.


Standouts (in my opinion, anyway) are Heritage Tomate and Aubergine, but they're all gorgeous.  Harvest Squash is going to get a slight tweeking of color placement, namely the rust shade, so that it is not so dominant, and Rhubarb will be getting more green and less carnelian (the colors shifted and bled more than intended during dyeing, but overall I am very happy with them.


Collard Greens has been renamed Mustard Greens, as that is what the colorway looks a bit more like, and Chive Blossom will likely be dropped from the line, as I am afraid the shades are too redundant from other colorways like Aubergine or the berry tones.  We'll see, I am still waffling.


Anyway, new pretties are up and waiting to be scooped, the March Phat boxes will be going out any day now, and the production rush is still on.  Huzzah!

taryl | General | 15 March, 3:17am
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